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1. TITLE OF CLUB: Leeds Frontrunners


2. CLUB COLOURS: Royal blue and yellow side panel


3. CLUB HEADQUARTERS: 41 Laurel Hill Way, LS15 9EW


4. OBJECT OF THE CLUB: We provide facilities and equipment with the focus on the coaching of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender athletes, however we are an inclusive club and open to any individual regardless of gender and sexual orientation. We also aim to provide access to athletic competitions without imposing restrictions on recruitment. The club is committed to encouraging the highest ethical standards. All members will conduct themselves with integrity, transparency and accountability.


5. MANAGEMENT: The management of the club shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of the following: Chairman Secretary Treasurer Committee Member Other positions will be allocated at the AGM. All to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

      5a. Nominations for elective positions shall be restricted to bona-fide Club members, and shall be opened 14 days prior to the date of the A.G.M. Each nominee must be proposed and seconded by a Club member, and the Club Secretary shall arrange for the nomination forms to be displayed for this purpose. Further nominations may be accepted verbally at the A.G.M.

      5b. Election shall be by show of hands, unless the Chairman in his discretion deems that a ballot will be necessary. Only bona-fide Club members will be allowed to vote.

      5c. With the exception of the Team Captain, the election of officers listed under Rule 5 shall be restricted to those Club members who are aged 17 years or over on the date of the A.G.M.

      5d. The committee shall have the power to appoint Club members to elective posts which fall vacant between A.G.M.‘s. The committee shall further be empowered to co-opt members as it deems necessary. Co-opted members will be non-voting unless decreed otherwise by the committee.

      5e. At all committee meetings, five Committee members present shall constitute a quorum. In the absence of a quorum, the normal daily Club business shall be conducted by the Club Officers until the next Committee Meeting.


6. MEMBERSHIP: Members shall pay fees as fixed at each Annual General Meeting. All members joining the Club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution and any Bye-laws from time-to-time adopted by the Club, in particular the requirement to conduct themselves in accordance with the Clubs ethical framework and codes of conduct. Any person seeking to join the Club shall submit an application to the Executive Committee. Membership is open to all and no application will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of race, occupation, gender, sexual orientation or religious, political or other persuasion.


7. RESIGNATION A member intending to withdraw from the Club shall give his or her notice in writing to the Honorary Club Secretary and his or her membership terminates on the day of the notice unless he or she is financially indebted to Club in which case the Committee may hold acceptance of the resignation until he or she has discharged their liability. A member not having tendered his or her resignation prior to the 1st April shall be liable to the ensuing year’s subscription.


8. SUBSCRIPTION Annual subscriptions are due from the 1st April at the present rate. After the AGM subscriptions are due at the new rate if changed. The annual subscription of the club shall be decided at the A.G.M. The committee has the right to expel any member whose subscription is not paid by the 30th April, provided notice is given in writing. After payment deadline of 30th April, members in debt will be surcharged a rejoining fee of £5.

      8a. FINANCE The clubs financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March each year. The Treasurer shall be empowered to receive and pay out monies on behalf of the club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation for the annual accounts of the Club.


9. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The general meeting shall be held during the month of March in every year to receive the official’s reports and elect officers and a Committee and deal with any other matter specified on the agenda. The Honorary Club Secretary must give every member 21 days’ notice of the meeting and notice of business which is desired to be placed on the agenda must be given in writing to the Honorary Club Secretary with a seconder at least 14 days’ prior to the meeting.


10. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING This meeting must be called by the Honorary Club Secretary within 14 days of the receipt by him of a requisition in writing signed by 10 members of the club aged 17 and over as per Rule 5c, stating the business to be brought before such a meeting.


11. ALTERATION OF RULES No alteration to the rules except at the A.G.M. of a Special General Meeting called for the purpose. Notice of any proposed amendment must be given as stated in Rules 9 and 10.


12. NOTICE OF MEETING The Honorary Club Secretary shall give at least 7 days notice to every member of the time and place of any General Meeting and business to be dealt with, and no other business shall be dealt with at any such meeting.


13. EMERGENCY MEETING This will consist of the following: Chairman Secretary Treasurer This Committee will deal with any emergency concerning the Club or the Club Members. In the case of a tied vote the Chairman's vote will be the deciding vote.


14. CLUB DISCIPLINE Disciplinary measures will be taken against members for the following:

1. Contravention of U.K.A. Laws and Club Rules.

2. Any action which brings the Club into disrepute.


15. DISSOLUTION The Club is a non-profit making organisation. All profits and surpluses will be used to maintain, improve or develop the Club's facilities. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit making body on a winding-up or dissolution of the Club. If, upon the winding-up or dissolution of the Club there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property, such property where acquired from funding received from a funding organisation shall, in the first instance, be offered to that organisation. All other remaining property shall be transferred a beneficiary club of similar stance.


16. Committee Meetings will be held according to business.


17. The Committee have the power to deal with any contingencies not provided for by these Rules.

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